“You’re Not My Child!”

How to Cope With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s

There’s over 6 million people today diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and what’s most interesting is that Alzheimer’s individuals, seem to remember their early and young adult life perfectly but they will have trouble remembering their life they currently live.

This disease is a deterioration of the brain and the person will not remember anyone or how to eat, or even bathe by themselves.  This is a heart breaking disease for family members, and friends as majority of the cases will not know who their friends and family are, however there are some ways to cope and help the individual and you with this disease.

DONT Take it Personally

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This is a hard tip to remember, but it is one that must kept in mind.  It is just as frustrating on them as it is on you.  Imagine you forgot to leave the milk out and someone at home reminded you but you don’t remember misplacing the milk. It is a similar way to understand someone with Alzheimer’s.  Do your best to remember it is not a personal, vindictive attack.  Also do not shame or hate yourself, there is nothing you could have done to cause this, and nothing that could have been done to prevent it.  Doctors have some idea but no foundation answer as to what causes this in the brain.

Play Along

The best way to deal with sorrow and sadness, is the find light in the situation, this being said the best way to help someone with Alzheimer’s is to play along with them.  For example if they hold onto a doll and say it’s this child, do not try to correct them, instead play along by offering to hold their so they can get dressed.  You can even offer to bathe their baby so they can have a night off.  Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Cherish Each Moment

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For every moment, that your friend or family remembers you, don’t be afraid to take photos, journal, or any other form of keep shake you feel drawn to.  These are important for you to have, this way you can remember the good times when things get hard.


Let’s keep working together to end Alzheimer’s. One day we will work together and find a cure.



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