Twinkle VoxBox Review

Hello again!

Today I am reviewing a long due post about the Twinkle VoxBox I was kindly sent from Influenster.

Please note all products were sent for testing purposes only and are not being used for resale!

Let’s get to it!

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Aquation Lotion:  Out of all the products I received in this box I loved this product the most.  This lotion is light weight, glides on smoothly, and doesn’t stain clothes, score!  Added brownie points, this is a cruelty free product(very important to me).  I also love that you can use this lotion on your face as well anytime you need a little extra moisture to keep your skin from feeling like sand!

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Oreo Thins:

While this wasn’t a bad tasting snack, I honestly didn’t think it tasted any different from the traditional Oreos you find at the store.  I’m not a big cookie eater, at least not ones that aren’t made at home, so for me it wasn’t something out of the ordinary.

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Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets:

Again, this isn’t something I use much of and I honestly use my crock pot for most dishes so I can’t honestly give you a comparison review or anything like that.  They aren’t bad by any means and I do use them when I do bake in the oven such as cookies, and brownies, they are pretty useful.  However, as said, I don’t use these very much so I don’t feel a need to actually buy more.


AXE White Label Night Body Wash 16 Ounce
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Axe Body Wash in “Night”

I personally love the scent of this, lavender, and cedarwood, and just very husky, sexy, man beast.  I used it myself, my boyfriend wasn’t a big fan.  However I did get a lot of attention from other females(tee hee!).

I also received Covergirl Lash Blast, and Crockpot butter, however I am not a fan of Covergirl and I do not care for butter so I honestly did not like either product enough to want to review it.

What was in your VoxBox?

The Polka Dot Life






Get Flawless! 

Hello beauties! 

Today I am reviewing the goodies I got in my very first Influenster Box! 

Watch My Unboxing 

I love Simple Skin care!   These are their facial wipes which are perfect for a post gym session,  or to just remove all makeup with nothing left over.   I give these 5 of 5 stars!   I even bough the micellar water wipes at Walmart! 

Next up,  I got Yogi Tea Skin Detox in Rose Hisbiscus and Stress Relief in honey Lavendar!   I personally adore Yogi Teas!   I love how yummy these two taste and the motivational quotes inside are so cute and inspiring!   I give these a 5 of 5 stars! 

Lucky me!   I got to try out the micellar water from simple Skin care!   I love this but to be honest I like the wipes better because they tend to be less messy and you won’t get it in your eyes! 

I give this product a 4 of 5 stars. 

Guilt free snacking!   I got a bag of Harvest Snap Pea Crisps in Lightly Salted.   I enjoyed these honestly and they took of the craving to want chips.   These are also great in salads! 

I give this product a 5 of 5 rating! 

I also recieced a CoverGirl mascara however I am not a fan of CoverGirl or their animal testing practices for their cometics so I will not partake in using the product. 

Flawless VoxBox Unboxing

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