Fortnite X Avengers

An inside Look at The Limited Edition Mashup

Beginning today, you can become Thanos in Fortnite: Battle Royale and use the Infinity Gauntlet to take on enemies in the game’s new limited edition Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War collaboration!!

This incredible mashup was created by a simple phone call between Marvel and Epic Games between two people who shared a love for Fortnite and Avengers.

This new option has the all powerful Infinity Gauntlet tucked away inside a meteor.

The first individual who is able to retrieve the gauntlet will be able to shift into Thanos, with it carrying new, explosive powers, to destroy enemies!!


Happy Gaming,



Turbo Spirit!

3 Simple Ways to Get More Spiritual in Minutes!

Happy Friday!

I get it, we are busy, between our work, home life, husband and kids, that doesn’t leave us much “me time” let alone spiritual time!

I completely get it, it’s hard it’s stressful and I’m willing to bet you if you set aside even 3 minutes a day to meditate, and get spiritual, you will feel much better!

Spend Time Outdoors

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As cliche as it is say this, being outside can really boost the spirit and even help with energy and skin!  You don’t have to stay out long, even a 3 minute walk can do you wonders!  You don’t even have to walk either sitting in the grass and just taking the scenery in can really help you as well.

Count Your Blessings

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Again, I know you’re over there probably saying, “that’s so cliche”, but in all honestly showing your divine gratitude for the day even if it’s something as simple, as being able to eat, is what it’s all about, finding the simple, enjoyable blessings is one way to help you on your journey.


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I think many people get the notion in their head the meditation has to be this long, drawn out, never ending, event.  To be honest you don;t have to meditate for long, even 3 minutes of just inhaling abundance and exhaling negativity can really help you become more spiritual!  Om!


How do you get spiritual in turbo time?



Tripple Delish!

High Cloudz Vape Reviews in Zweet Cloudz, Fruit Cloudz and Milky Cloudz


Hey lovelies!

Today I am doing my first review in vape juices!

First I want to send a big thanks to my friends at High Cloudz for sending me two of their e-juices for review so let’s get it vaped baby!

High Cloudz ejuice comes in 0,3,6, and 12 MG of nicotine levels.  I have the 0 MG levels as I don’t need the nicotine.


I actually really like the picture I think it’s quite fitting to the brand and I love the spiritual effect of the image, which is a door somewhere way up in the clouds and this door has a giant door!  Love it!


You can catch High Cloudz ejuice on sale for $19.99 but hurry because the vape faeries are coming!  I found this price to be quite reasonable for 60 mL of ejuice, being a beginner and using it for anxiety and appetite control , I don’t use a lot of vape juice so this can get me very far on a low budget.


Milky Cloudz Strawberry Cheesecake Taste



I will give this flavor a 10/10 I could definitely taste the strawberries, and creamy cheesecake base!  Definitely  a win, win in my book!  Cheesecake anyone?

Fruit Cloudz Sweet Strawberry, and Ripe Watermelon


I have to be honest I’d give this vape a 6/10 I think it’s got potential but I really don’t taste much fruit, it kind of reminds me of a subtly, fruity, bubble gum.  If you light very light flavors this may be one for you.

Zweet Cloudz Sugar Frosted Cereal


Yum, move over Tony the Tiger this vape juice just might be in the next frosted cereal commercial!!

I really really, love how sweet, creamy, and vanilla this e-juice and I highly suggest this one if it’s your first time trying High Cloudz.


Conclusion:  I definitely recommend High Cloudz, to any and everyone!

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Have a blessed vaping!


Dance With Your Darkness

Guided Reading for 4/24/18

Today’s Reading is about noticing and correcting self destructive patterns and habits. These habits may leave you feeling dark and a need to lurk and hide things can be present. It’s time to turn around these destructive patterns and stop hiding it’s time to face your darkness honey!

Blessed Be,


Friendships Sell NOT Products!

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How Building Relationships Make Paying Besites!

When I became a boss babe, I had no idea what to expect.  I followed many team mates, and did what they did.  It drove me nuts I was not driving sales the way they did.   I was ready to rip my hair out!  I would post and then someone else would advertise under my post!  How annoyingly rude is that?!

I am writing to help you grow your business because I see so many business owners make the same mistake over and over and it just creates a vicious cycle.

The biggest secret to making a sale is building relationships, it’s not the only way but it is a crucial way.

  • DO join communities and get to know others, and what they do for a living.  Hey you never know you may have just found your best friend.
  • DON’T throw your business down someone’s throat!  If people think you’re all about money, they won’t want to connect with you.  Making sales are exciting and can get the adrenaline rushing, but it can also scare people away if done poorly.
  • DO Connect with your followers on social media.
  • DONT Collect followers, what I mean by this is don’t just let your social media accounts grow without talking to who is following you.  Remember, people want to connect with people, NOT a walking billboard.

Following these four tidbits, I began to build a world, and an income, instead of a sale graveyard( that’s what I call a business that has no game).  These four tips helped me realize that having a business .

But How Does Relationships Grow My Income?

Great question!   When you build a relationship you are building connections.  You ask your friend’s about the best purses, makeup,bags, or other necessities in a woman’s life right?

I would honestly take advice from a friend instead of the sales counter lady who’s chasing me or sending me long Facebook messages about her company, and begging me to join.

Building relationships create trust between two people and it helps to know what someone likes so that you’re not just talking to them about every little sale.

So from this observation and question, the best way to answer that is building relationships build trust and trust builds sales.

May your business be booming, and your friendships many!


Amanda Martinotti