Friendships Sell NOT Products!

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How Building Relationships Make Paying Besites!

When I became a boss babe, I had no idea what to expect.  I followed many team mates, and did what they did.  It drove me nuts I was not driving sales the way they did.   I was ready to rip my hair out!  I would post and then someone else would advertise under my post!  How annoyingly rude is that?!

I am writing to help you grow your business because I see so many business owners make the same mistake over and over and it just creates a vicious cycle.

The biggest secret to making a sale is building relationships, it’s not the only way but it is a crucial way.

  • DO join communities and get to know others, and what they do for a living.  Hey you never know you may have just found your best friend.
  • DON’T throw your business down someone’s throat!  If people think you’re all about money, they won’t want to connect with you.  Making sales are exciting and can get the adrenaline rushing, but it can also scare people away if done poorly.
  • DO Connect with your followers on social media.
  • DONT Collect followers, what I mean by this is don’t just let your social media accounts grow without talking to who is following you.  Remember, people want to connect with people, NOT a walking billboard.

Following these four tidbits, I began to build a world, and an income, instead of a sale graveyard( that’s what I call a business that has no game).  These four tips helped me realize that having a business .

But How Does Relationships Grow My Income?

Great question!   When you build a relationship you are building connections.  You ask your friend’s about the best purses, makeup,bags, or other necessities in a woman’s life right?

I would honestly take advice from a friend instead of the sales counter lady who’s chasing me or sending me long Facebook messages about her company, and begging me to join.

Building relationships create trust between two people and it helps to know what someone likes so that you’re not just talking to them about every little sale.

So from this observation and question, the best way to answer that is building relationships build trust and trust builds sales.

May your business be booming, and your friendships many!


Amanda Martinotti