Don’t Make These Fistakes

Three Celeb Trainers Offer 3 Fitness Fixes

You’re committed to the gym.  You attended every Zumba workout and power through it.  Your inches aren’t shrinking and your weight is not moving.  Why?  It very well may not be a plateau but rather what you are doing.  Read on to see if you are doing any of these fitness no nos!

Noah Neiman, NYC

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Fitness Fallout: Not Eating Healthy Enough

Noah Neiman has worked with many celebs such as Amy Schumer.  He confesses the number one fallout everyone seems to have alike is their food consumption.  Noah confesses that he often hears that people “eat pretty healthy” which translates to most trainers as “I am embarrassed but I don’t want to sound bad so I will tell you I eat well most of the time”.

The Fix

Neiman suggests eating a lean diet of meats, veggies, and limited fruits.  He also suggests making meals simple as well.  Noah Neiman also suggests using the right supplements is good as well.



Erin Oprea, Nashville

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Fitness Fall Out: Losing Control of Your Body

Erin Oprea who has trained celebs such as Carrie Underwood and Kelsesea Ballerini, has confessed noticing many clients who lose control of their bodies during a workout.  This can be dangerous and can cause injury .  Always be in control of your body movements.

The Fix

Keep your engaged at all times can help you power through your workout and prevent most injuries.  If you feel yourself getting so fatigued that you are losing control of your body during a move this is when it’s okay to take that 30 second break and go back to the move.  Better safe than sorry!



Astrid Swan, Los Angeles


Fitness Fallout: Going Too Hard

Fitness Trainer, Astrid Swan, who has trained celebs such as Julianne Hough has seen clients go hard core through the workout for long periods of time and lack the proper food to support the body after a strenuous workout.

The Fix

Astrid suggests short HIIT workouts and proper food proportions which ensures the body the fuel to burn off the fat and the nutrition to prolong good health!



You can find more information from the original article here:

Do you make any of these fitness falters?



January Rantings

Pet Peeve: Bashing Direct Sales Peeps

Happy January!  This may indeed spark quite a great amount of comments and arguments but all I ask of you is to hear me out and just read what I have to say before you respond.  Can you do that for me?

I have been in direct sales for about 10 years almost and always what I find is there are alot of consultants that are not trained very well.  As harsh as that sounds really my point here is some consultants lack the knowledge of building a business rather than trying to hook line and sink their biz.

I have been on many teams before I found the right company and the right team and that’s why I love where I am at now.  My Younique team focuses on relationships and communication and bettering ourselves rather than cramming our business down someones throat.

We are not all bad people and that’s what really pisses me off is when I hear someone say that all direct sales people are pushy,rude, or arrogant.  Just because we comment on a status about what we love to use and it happens to be our products that doesn’t mean I’m trying to push a sale, I believe in what I use and I believe in Younique’s mission.  It’s okay to not like something or not like a company it’s not okay to be rude to someone or tear their business down so stop shutting people out just because you’ve had one bad experience with a rep.

Think about it, how would you like it if you came up to me and spoke to me about your company where you work and I sabotaged it and threw it in your face?  How rude would that be.

So my challenge for you is the next time a Younique rep or any direct sales rep messages you and does NOT just throw her company down your throat give her a chance!



Turning Up the Heat Week 1

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you had a magical and splendid holiday and with that being said, I took the big step and hopped right back on the fit horse again!

That’s right I did Fire 30 and Stretch 10 today and LOVE IT!

Wait..what the heck is TurboFire?

Turbofire is an amazing program created by motivation rockstar, Chalene Johnson.  I have fallen in love with her speeches, tricks, tips, and classes since I was 18.  This work out is Kickboxing, with fun hot dance music and dun dun dun…HIIT drills.  Sounds scary but it’s a lot of fun!  There’s even a modifier for those of us who are starting over again or just getting started.  There is also stretching, and strength training involved.  While I do not have the stretch or strength DVDS I have plenty of yoga and Pilates  ones that will work just fine!

There is a 90 Day Calendar to match and a nutrition guide although, I use SparkPeople Mobile app, because I’m on the go and it’s a lot easier to track my foot and workouts that way!

Tips on TurboFire and Starting Your Own Journey:

  • Start small, don’t make a goal of dropping 50 pounds in one round of 90 days thats a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time.  Start with 15 or 20 lbs and slowly work up to that 50 lb goal.
  • Save that eating money for healthier options, or save for something you really want, right now I am saving up for the Bellabeat Urban(its a fitness necklace)
  • Take it easy on your body, if you have bad knees or feet than don’t jump just modify you’re still moving and doing a great job!  Work that mod sister!
  • Slow cut back on junk, I honestly frown upon any diet that tells you no sweets at all, why?  If you cold turkey cut out junk food it’s as bad as any other addiction you’re more likely to chow down on the sweets. Just allow yourself one or two sweets a week!

I am off to get ready for my job and finish my day!

Brightest Blessings, and Great Workout!







Smartphone Drop and Give Me 20!

In this day and age, technology is ever evolving!  We use our smartphones for practically everything!  Did I mention all of these apps are free?

Please note that all of the apps I use are from Google Play and my LG Stylo 2.

Here are a few apps that have helped me get into a daily ritual in order to get healthy.

  1. Spark People Mobile App–  I love, love, love the Spark People Community and their app is amazing!  I can scan food items to instantly get calories and count them during the day when I am on the go, I also can get customized calorie amounts to help me lose weight!  The best part is I can access the forums and see comments or posts on anything that I write!  You can also keep track of how much water you drink!
  2. Alarm Clock- I don’t just use this app to set the time I need to wake up, but I also use it to remind me of the time I need to do something or plan out the day with alarms so I stay in track!
  3. To Do List-  You have probably heard of this one but it is one I do swear by.  I use this app to put my priorities in order so that I know what has to get done and when!  This is especially important when it comes to writing for companies and meeting with clients!
  4. iHeart Radio– I don’t like to over bomb my phone with a lot of music due to saving space for essential documents and such, so I use iHeart Radio to get some good jams going while walking or working out.

These are just three of my swear by apps!  What apps help you with your fitness goals?

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May your sweat be blessed and your clothes stay loose,

The Polka Dot Life

An Intro Into My Life and World

Welcome to a new way to see and enjoy your life!  I am going to give you the best beauty and fitness advice you can ever have!  I have admired many motivational dynamos over the years and I have decided I want to be that motivational dynamo for others.  My goal is to show you that anything can be attained if you set your mind to it.  I don’t want you to stress, honey life is to sort to cry over rotten lemonade!  So let’s turn that yucky lemonade into cleaner, and let’s get you shining!

I am recreating this blog to be bigger and better than ever and I am so blessed to share this journey of life, fitness, and passion with you!



Amanda Martinotti