“You’re Not My Child!”

How to Cope With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s

There’s over 6 million people today diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and what’s most interesting is that Alzheimer’s individuals, seem to remember their early and young adult life perfectly but they will have trouble remembering their life they currently live.

This disease is a deterioration of the brain and the person will not remember anyone or how to eat, or even bathe by themselves.  This is a heart breaking disease for family members, and friends as majority of the cases will not know who their friends and family are, however there are some ways to cope and help the individual and you with this disease.

DONT Take it Personally

Crying Girl by AnimeLoverGirl2234

Source: https://animelovergirl2234.deviantart.com/art/Crying-Girl-683536486

This is a hard tip to remember, but it is one that must kept in mind.  It is just as frustrating on them as it is on you.  Imagine you forgot to leave the milk out and someone at home reminded you but you don’t remember misplacing the milk. It is a similar way to understand someone with Alzheimer’s.  Do your best to remember it is not a personal, vindictive attack.  Also do not shame or hate yourself, there is nothing you could have done to cause this, and nothing that could have been done to prevent it.  Doctors have some idea but no foundation answer as to what causes this in the brain.

Play Along

The best way to deal with sorrow and sadness, is the find light in the situation, this being said the best way to help someone with Alzheimer’s is to play along with them.  For example if they hold onto a doll and say it’s this child, do not try to correct them, instead play along by offering to hold their so they can get dressed.  You can even offer to bathe their baby so they can have a night off.  Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Cherish Each Moment

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Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/13629777/Cherish-Every-Moment

For every moment, that your friend or family remembers you, don’t be afraid to take photos, journal, or any other form of keep shake you feel drawn to.  These are important for you to have, this way you can remember the good times when things get hard.


Let’s keep working together to end Alzheimer’s. One day we will work together and find a cure.



Turbo Spirit!

3 Simple Ways to Get More Spiritual in Minutes!

Happy Friday!

I get it, we are busy, between our work, home life, husband and kids, that doesn’t leave us much “me time” let alone spiritual time!

I completely get it, it’s hard it’s stressful and I’m willing to bet you if you set aside even 3 minutes a day to meditate, and get spiritual, you will feel much better!

Spend Time Outdoors

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As cliche as it is say this, being outside can really boost the spirit and even help with energy and skin!  You don’t have to stay out long, even a 3 minute walk can do you wonders!  You don’t even have to walk either sitting in the grass and just taking the scenery in can really help you as well.

Count Your Blessings

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Again, I know you’re over there probably saying, “that’s so cliche”, but in all honestly showing your divine gratitude for the day even if it’s something as simple, as being able to eat, is what it’s all about, finding the simple, enjoyable blessings is one way to help you on your journey.


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I think many people get the notion in their head the meditation has to be this long, drawn out, never ending, event.  To be honest you don;t have to meditate for long, even 3 minutes of just inhaling abundance and exhaling negativity can really help you become more spiritual!  Om!


How do you get spiritual in turbo time?



Walking Through Fall

Golden Milk

Turmeric has definitely became the limelight in the herbal healing world. It can alleviate pain, stop information, and even reduce anxiety and depression,it has magical properties such spiritual protection as well.

This delicious treat can be enjoyed year round especially when I tend to miss Fall most.


  • 1 cup of almond milk or almond milk creamer
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup of coconut or dairy milk
  • 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice or pumpkin spice creamer


  1. Cook almond milk creamer until hot.
  2. Lower heat to medium and mix in turmeric them cinnamon and then add in the extra milk the color will become a sun yellow
  3. In empty cup, add in pumpkin spice creamer
  4. Slowly add in the stove top golden mix and mix with spoon and mix in the pumpkin spice.
  5. Enjoy!

Brightest Blessings,


Get Loose!

Simple Ways to Break Out of Your Chains

We’ve all been there, and we have all done that!

It is no doubt that life has poured spoiled milk into the golden ray of sunshine cereal bowl that we call joy, and when it happens more frequently, well that’s about enough to make anybody want to chain themselves down and and wallow in self pity.

Here’s the honest truth friend, and this does hold true, we have a choice to how we react to situations and stimuli whether that be good ju ju or bad ju ju.  We can sit there and feel sorry for ourselves all we want, but guess what that does, it just makes the world misread our vibes and take us for being weak, which we are not.

So here’s the garbage disposal to end those self defeating feelings and place them down the drain so that the goddess and her consort can find a better energy to shift those to, and so can’t you!

1.It Starts With YOU- I know that’s not what you want to hear, but my dear, you choose to be miserable or you choose to be happy.  It takes a lot of work, DAILY at that, but once you come to realize you can choose how you want to react to the world, no matter what happens you will rise above!

         How to Fix This: Get over yourself, I know it sucks, I work at a minimum wage paying job, and have been there for 9 years.  I don’t care for the mission statement, I don’t care about anything other than getting my job done and going back home.  Sometime’s we just have to bite the bullet for the time being and stay strong.  This too shall pass.

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2. Gratitude-  This my friend is a valuable art form in itself.  I know it’s hard when you’re stuck at a dead end job, low on cash, have little to no friends, or just really seem to be in a downward spiral called life.  But there is beauty in that my friend. Gratitude!

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How to Fix This: Be thankful, there really is no simpler way to describe it than that.  Everyday you wake up is a new rise for opportunities, a new energy to come in and a chance to balance and ground yourself to the abundance of the universe.  Find one thing you are thankful daily, it can be as simple as being able to pee even!

3. Find Peace-  It’s cliche to say, but it’s also the hard truth.  You can find peace even in the toughest situations, if you are willing to dig deep enough to discover it.

How to Do This:  The first step to finding peace in your life, is finding it deep within yourself.  Set side 5 to 10 minutes when you first wake up to meditate, and ground yourself, and it’s a great way to start your day!  Lead with this mantra daily: ” I will align myself to the inner peace that is within me”.

Hows it feel not being attached by shackles to negativity?  You must be feeling pretty relieved after reading this.  Also reiki is another great way to remove energy blocks that are holding you back(yours truly happens to be a reiki master).



Dance With Your Darkness

Guided Reading for 4/24/18

Today’s Reading is about noticing and correcting self destructive patterns and habits. These habits may leave you feeling dark and a need to lurk and hide things can be present. It’s time to turn around these destructive patterns and stop hiding it’s time to face your darkness honey!

Blessed Be,


Manifest Mania

Simple Manifestations to Increase Abundance


Today I wanted to share a few ways that I am helping clients and people around the world like you manifest money in their life.

  1. Visualization: Imagine every day that your bank account is a cup, imagine a beautiful green healing and abundant light is filling your bank account.  Do this daily for optimum results!
  2.  Every day give thanks to the universe for abundance and open your energy up top the opportunities that may be presented to you today.
  3. In a bowl, add cinnamon, ground is best, and write on a piece of paper, with a couple on coins added to the bowl, an amount of money( now let’s be mindful about this), and leave this out for the 3 days the next full moon will be or leave it out for one night of moon and one day of sunlight.  When you receive the amount of money you asked for, bury the coins in soil out in nature, to return the coins to the earth and the divine.

What manifestation methods have you tried?

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Oh the Feels….

Kylie Jenner Releases Video to Daughter!


Congratulations new and fabulous mom Kylie Jenner!!!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl weighing 8 lbs and 9 ounces.

The baby was birthed at the same hospital that Kylie’s sisters KIm and Kourtney gave birth to their bundles of joy!

Kylie wrote a heart felt message to fans apologizing for keeping the baby a secret for the last 9 months.  I can’t say as though blame her and I support her for this decision!  Keeping the baby happy and healthy is her first priority and I am so proud to see her doing so!

View this post on Instagram


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While the beautiful baby girl’s name and other information is still unknown, make sure you check out the video at the top of this post that Kylie put together!  Have tissues handy!


Protein A La Latte

Featuring Fit Miss Protein!

Hello beauties!  Happy Saturday!  Today I bring you a healthy way to get your morning cup of joe and no guilt!

Ice(add to your liking)

Fit Miss Protein in Chocolate 2 scoops

1 Tbsp Instant Coffee(I use Taster’s Choice)

1 heaping spoon full Peanut Butter(I use Skippy)

16 oz Coconut Milk(you can use milk or other nut milks)


Add all ingridients to blender, mix to your desired thickness and voila! A kicked up protein shake!

My Fall/Winter Must Haves

Hello beauties!

Today I thought I would share with you my top picks for Fall/Winter 2017!  Let’s get started!


  1. Himalayan Salt-  With being a Psychic-Medium, and Reiki Healer, it is important to keep my energy cleansed especially in these darker seasons when the worlds veil it is especially imperative to keep energy and chakras cleansed!
    Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak, 3 lbs
    Dr Teal’s Himalyan Salt 4.85 at walmart.com
    2. Bonefire Tarot By Gabi Angus West- I love, love, love this tarot deck for many reasons!  First the book is so thoroughly worded and explained, it even has a glossary of the symbols used in this deck!  Next the artwork is so amazing I personally don’t relate with the Rider-Waite style decks and this one has such an artsy, tattoo style way about it.  I cannot get over how fast and well I have bonded with deck in such little time and it speaks to me so loud!  It’s quite the Chatterley deck, but be for warned this deck is also very blunt and to the point!

    Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Gingus West $24.71 at amazon.com
    3. Badass Hooded Jacket- I love the hooded leather(faux cruelty free), I just love how comfy these are and how trendy they can go with nearly everything!

    Faux- Vegan Hooded Jacket $168.00 freepeople.com
    4. Bright Young You- This is by far one of my favorite products from Perfectly Posh right now, this cleanser is made from gentle oils, and toxic/chemical free ingredients and it even wakes you up as it has a lemony-orange scent to it.

    Image result for Bright Young Thang
     www.perfectlyposh.com $21.00
    5. Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee- I love this brand of instant coffee!  I cannot tell you how great the taste is enough!  For instant coffee, it certainly is a crowd pleasure in my books!  It’s perfect for those of you who are on a budget, or just on the go a lot!

    Image result for taster's choice instant coffee
    Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee- $7.95 at walmart.com
    What products do you love?!  Share in the comments below!