January Rantings

Pet Peeve: Bashing Direct Sales Peeps Happy January!

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January Rantings

Pet Peeve: Bashing Direct Sales Peeps

Happy January!  This may indeed spark quite a great amount of comments and arguments but all I ask of you is to hear me out and just read what I have to say before you respond.  Can you do that for me?

I have been in direct sales for about 10 years almost and always what I find is there are alot of consultants that are not trained very well.  As harsh as that sounds really my point here is some consultants lack the knowledge of building a business rather than trying to hook line and sink their biz.

I have been on many teams before I found the right company and the right team and that’s why I love where I am at now.  My Younique team focuses on relationships and communication and bettering ourselves rather than cramming our business down someones throat.

We are not all bad people and that’s what really pisses me off is when I hear someone say that all direct sales people are pushy,rude, or arrogant.  Just because we comment on a status about what we love to use and it happens to be our products that doesn’t mean I’m trying to push a sale, I believe in what I use and I believe in Younique’s mission.  It’s okay to not like something or not like a company it’s not okay to be rude to someone or tear their business down so stop shutting people out just because you’ve had one bad experience with a rep.

Think about it, how would you like it if you came up to me and spoke to me about your company where you work and I sabotaged it and threw it in your face?  How rude would that be.

So my challenge for you is the next time a Younique rep or any direct sales rep messages you and does NOT just throw her company down your throat give her a chance!