January Rantings

Pet Peeve: Bashing Direct Sales Peeps Happy January!

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January Rantings

Pet Peeve: Bashing Direct Sales Peeps

Happy January!  This may indeed spark quite a great amount of comments and arguments but all I ask of you is to hear me out and just read what I have to say before you respond.  Can you do that for me?

I have been in direct sales for about 10 years almost and always what I find is there are alot of consultants that are not trained very well.  As harsh as that sounds really my point here is some consultants lack the knowledge of building a business rather than trying to hook line and sink their biz.

I have been on many teams before I found the right company and the right team and that’s why I love where I am at now.  My Younique team focuses on relationships and communication and bettering ourselves rather than cramming our business down someones throat.

We are not all bad people and that’s what really pisses me off is when I hear someone say that all direct sales people are pushy,rude, or arrogant.  Just because we comment on a status about what we love to use and it happens to be our products that doesn’t mean I’m trying to push a sale, I believe in what I use and I believe in Younique’s mission.  It’s okay to not like something or not like a company it’s not okay to be rude to someone or tear their business down so stop shutting people out just because you’ve had one bad experience with a rep.

Think about it, how would you like it if you came up to me and spoke to me about your company where you work and I sabotaged it and threw it in your face?  How rude would that be.

So my challenge for you is the next time a Younique rep or any direct sales rep messages you and does NOT just throw her company down your throat give her a chance!



Friendships Sell NOT Products!

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How Building Relationships Make Paying Besites!

When I became a boss babe, I had no idea what to expect.  I followed many team mates, and did what they did.  It drove me nuts I was not driving sales the way they did.   I was ready to rip my hair out!  I would post and then someone else would advertise under my post!  How annoyingly rude is that?!

I am writing to help you grow your business because I see so many business owners make the same mistake over and over and it just creates a vicious cycle.

The biggest secret to making a sale is building relationships, it’s not the only way but it is a crucial way.

  • DO join communities and get to know others, and what they do for a living.  Hey you never know you may have just found your best friend.
  • DON’T throw your business down someone’s throat!  If people think you’re all about money, they won’t want to connect with you.  Making sales are exciting and can get the adrenaline rushing, but it can also scare people away if done poorly.
  • DO Connect with your followers on social media.
  • DONT Collect followers, what I mean by this is don’t just let your social media accounts grow without talking to who is following you.  Remember, people want to connect with people, NOT a walking billboard.

Following these four tidbits, I began to build a world, and an income, instead of a sale graveyard( that’s what I call a business that has no game).  These four tips helped me realize that having a business .

But How Does Relationships Grow My Income?

Great question!   When you build a relationship you are building connections.  You ask your friend’s about the best purses, makeup,bags, or other necessities in a woman’s life right?

I would honestly take advice from a friend instead of the sales counter lady who’s chasing me or sending me long Facebook messages about her company, and begging me to join.

Building relationships create trust between two people and it helps to know what someone likes so that you’re not just talking to them about every little sale.

So from this observation and question, the best way to answer that is building relationships build trust and trust builds sales.

May your business be booming, and your friendships many!


Amanda Martinotti







Hitting Rock Bottom

Deciding to Change is Not Always Easy


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I am coming to terms with my health, and well being, and how it needs to be turned around or else I could very well lose my life.

It sounds dramatic but it is the truth, I have gained about 100 lbs over the last two years due to stress, depression, and emotional eating.  I have came to realize that it is time to turn over a new leaf, for good.

Believe it or not that’s where I got my inspiration for my blog name, The Polka Dot Life refers to each topic, or polka dot that has helped me become bold, but classy in my life.

The first step that I am taking is to work from the inside out and figure out how this happened and what I can do to fix it.

The first dot is to find my faith again.  I have a strong connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky and a connection I wish to rebuild with my familiar.  Nature is my church and she has many lessons if you are willing to open your soul and listen with your heart.

The next dot is business and skills to boom your business and rock social media!  One way I plan to this is by getting back on track and organize my time so that I do not slack off. I have started realizing when I reschedule and keep track of my to dos and schedule them daily, I have time to do the things in life I enjoy, such as spending time with my moms two chihuahuas, my ferrets, my sugar glider Lily, and most importantly my family and friends.

The third dot is finance and this refers to learning how not to blow money and tame those impulsive thoughts.  For me I love fashion, beauty, hand bags for sure, and books, slowly, I have learned how to tame my temptations and pay what needs to be rather than what I want at that very moment.

The final dot is Fitness this refers to getting back into shape.  I wish I could just go hop back into Turbo Fire or T25, but with my Achilles tendinitis, and weight exceeds, right now it’s best to take it slow until I shed a good 50 lbs and can handle a little more of a challenge.  I am starting with a workout called Baladea.  It is a mix of yoga, meditation,calm, cardio,and, sculpting.  I love this because not many workouts out there offer calming workouts included so I am so excited to see where I go.   I also plan on eating 1600 calories a day, reducing my carbs, and eating more lean meats, veggies, and more protein shakes

These four dots connect together to create a explosive, powerful, and happy life!


Amanda Martinotti