My Services

I am a Master energy healer in both Usui and animal reiki!  I also offer tarot reading and intuitive life guidance services as well!!!


I do not guarantee any outcomes of any sessions as reiki and tarot is unique to each person who receives a session.  Payment, and signed agreement is MANDATORY before ANY session can occur.  I DO NOT offer healings or advice on medical, legal,veterinary, or psychiatric concerns.  If you suspect you, or your pet, or family is having a serious issue or concern PLEASE SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY.


Animal Services Puppy

Animal Reiki($35 Per Session)

Like us, our furry friends have chakras!  These chakras are beneficial to their overall wellness and when blocked can cause a numerous amount of issues.  Animal reiki is done at the privacy and comfort of your pets home and can be done over video, phone,email, or text, because energy has no bounds, reiki can be virtually anywhere.

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Reiki For People($35 Per Session)

We have energy that radiates through us.  If any of our 7 chakras or energy wheels are blocked it can cause a numerous amount of issues including physical manifestations.  Reiki unleashes blocks, and cleanses and balances our chakras allowing us to live in complete harmony.



Reiki does NOT replace the services of medical, legal, veterinary, or pregnancy care.  NOR do I claim it to. If you suspect something is wrong with you or your pet please seek help immediately!!!


Tarot Coaching/Spiritual Life Coaching

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Intuitive Life Guidance($50/hr)

Using the help of tarot, my intuition, and both your guides and mine, I will give you readings, along with energy healing, and we will work together to figure out a map that will best direct you to achieving your goal!

Relationship Intuitive Guidance($100/hr)

Using energy healing, and divination, I will help you and your significant other to work together to solve an issue and create the relationship you have always wanted.


Pet Intuitive Guidance($50/hr)

During this session I will remove energy blocks, and heal and balance both you and your pet’s energy wheels.  I will also attune you both to each other’s energies, this will help strengthen and grow you and your pets relationship.

Business Intuitive Guidance($75/hr)

Has your business gone silent?  Have you grown tired of direct selling and want something more?

I am here to bring you to that!  I will release energy blocks going on within you and within your business, and I will give you intuitive guidance to help you create the dream career you are manifesting!