Ninja Coffee Bar Review 

Christmas time I was asked by my family and friends what my boyfriend and I wanted for Christmas. We have been in our own apartment for two years.  

We are complete caffeine addicts and honestly, we needed a new coffee machine we had a cheapo 10 dollar machine that honestly murdered the magical ways of caffeine bliss!  So this year we got the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Today I share my renewed love and joy for coffee using the Ninja Coffee Bar.

What it Does:

Really what doesn’t this great machine do?  

It has four main settings on the knob of the machine.  These select the size of your coffee you can choose mug, travel mug, half or full carafe.

Next it has three main settings for your brew.

First you have ice which makes your coffee cold.  Then you choose from rich brew which gives you that exquisitely bold,sensual flavor, or classic brew which gives you the nostalgic taste of “mom and pop” coffee shops.  You also have an additional choice called “specialty(concentrated) coffee” this is for espresso that is finely ground or needs to be brewed gently and with more TLC than your average java.

You also have a stay warm option fot when you want to heat up coffee that has cooled down in your carafe.  

Plus there is a button that is “clean” it lights up when you need to clean the coffee machine.

You can make endless coffee varations such as macchiatos,americanos,lattes and much more! It even comes with a milk frother for more added fun and deliciousness. 

How to Use:

  1. Twist off the resevoir and fill with ONLY filtered water.  Water from tap or unfilterred may clog up your machine with gunk! Fill to your desired amount.  DO NOT fill higher than max capacity line!
  2. Turn the knob to your desired size use the insert in your Ninja Coffee Bar to place a mug or travel mug if you are making single serves, or select full or half carafe for more than a few servings.
  3. BEFORE selecting a brew, use your measuring cup that came with the Ninja Coffee Bar, use the smaller part for travel mug or single cup, use the larger scoop for half or full carafe. ONLY add in the suggested amount of coffee and never over fill.  BEFORE adding coffee to the coffee net apply a PAPER coffee filter. ONLY use paper coffee filters!
  4. Select the type of brew/ amd if you want hot just slect the brew type otherwise push the “serve over ice” option.
  5. Wait for coffee to finish brewing and enjoy! 

Overall Thoughts

I honestly give the Ninja Coffee Bar a 5 out of 5 star rating.  It is like having your own barista, or coffee shop at home and you can save so much money!   As mentioned you can also get really creative with it too!

Have you expereinced the Ninja Coffee Bar?


Turning Up the Heat Week 1

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you had a magical and splendid holiday and with that being said, I took the big step and hopped right back on the fit horse again!

That’s right I did Fire 30 and Stretch 10 today and LOVE IT!

Wait..what the heck is TurboFire?

Turbofire is an amazing program created by motivation rockstar, Chalene Johnson.  I have fallen in love with her speeches, tricks, tips, and classes since I was 18.  This work out is Kickboxing, with fun hot dance music and dun dun dun…HIIT drills.  Sounds scary but it’s a lot of fun!  There’s even a modifier for those of us who are starting over again or just getting started.  There is also stretching, and strength training involved.  While I do not have the stretch or strength DVDS I have plenty of yoga and Pilates  ones that will work just fine!

There is a 90 Day Calendar to match and a nutrition guide although, I use SparkPeople Mobile app, because I’m on the go and it’s a lot easier to track my foot and workouts that way!

Tips on TurboFire and Starting Your Own Journey:

  • Start small, don’t make a goal of dropping 50 pounds in one round of 90 days thats a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time.  Start with 15 or 20 lbs and slowly work up to that 50 lb goal.
  • Save that eating money for healthier options, or save for something you really want, right now I am saving up for the Bellabeat Urban(its a fitness necklace)
  • Take it easy on your body, if you have bad knees or feet than don’t jump just modify you’re still moving and doing a great job!  Work that mod sister!
  • Slow cut back on junk, I honestly frown upon any diet that tells you no sweets at all, why?  If you cold turkey cut out junk food it’s as bad as any other addiction you’re more likely to chow down on the sweets. Just allow yourself one or two sweets a week!

I am off to get ready for my job and finish my day!

Brightest Blessings, and Great Workout!







Smartphone Drop and Give Me 20!

In this day and age, technology is ever evolving!  We use our smartphones for practically everything!  Did I mention all of these apps are free?

Please note that all of the apps I use are from Google Play and my LG Stylo 2.

Here are a few apps that have helped me get into a daily ritual in order to get healthy.

  1. Spark People Mobile App–  I love, love, love the Spark People Community and their app is amazing!  I can scan food items to instantly get calories and count them during the day when I am on the go, I also can get customized calorie amounts to help me lose weight!  The best part is I can access the forums and see comments or posts on anything that I write!  You can also keep track of how much water you drink!
  2. Alarm Clock- I don’t just use this app to set the time I need to wake up, but I also use it to remind me of the time I need to do something or plan out the day with alarms so I stay in track!
  3. To Do List-  You have probably heard of this one but it is one I do swear by.  I use this app to put my priorities in order so that I know what has to get done and when!  This is especially important when it comes to writing for companies and meeting with clients!
  4. iHeart Radio– I don’t like to over bomb my phone with a lot of music due to saving space for essential documents and such, so I use iHeart Radio to get some good jams going while walking or working out.

These are just three of my swear by apps!  What apps help you with your fitness goals?

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May your sweat be blessed and your clothes stay loose,

The Polka Dot Life

Preparing For Harsh Conditions

Train Your Skin For Winter(Combination Skin)!

Summer has moved away, and Fall has just found a new home elsewhere, which means Winter is moving in!  Prepare for total domination of Winter skin!

If you are anything like me, I have the worst of both worlds when it comes to my skin.  I am not only sensitive, and many store items cause me to burn,flake, or itch, but I also have the burden of acne prone skin(yikes!).  Luckily this article is for us, the difficult skin type, to finally  find vacation for our skin all winter long!

1. Cleanse 

The first crucial step, of any skin care routine, is to clean your skin of dirt and oils that may be trapped in your pores!  I personally suggest cleansing your skin the first thing when you wake up( your skin absorbs toxins while you sleep, eww!), as well as before bedtime.

IMPORTANT TIP: Be careful that your cleanser is not foamy, as foam cleanses tend to strip the skin of excess oils!  Instead, use a hydrating, creamy, cleanser as it tends to be more gentle on skin.

Suggestion: Best Face Forever by Perfectly Posh

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This cleanser is cruelty free, and for it’s price, it lasts you at least 6 months! You only use a pea size amount. While, I typically say avoid exfoliating scrubs, this one is made from Shea Butter micro beads, which also means this cleanser can help hydrate skin, and provide a creamy cleanser base!

BFF Face Wash

2. Moisturize

Step two, is to moisturize, as to helps to keep the skin hydrated, and retain it’s elasticity. .Skincare experts suggest using a richer, heavier, option instead of a lighter weight one that would be appropriate for Summer

IMPORTANT TIP:  When choosing your skin barrier, it is best to select something that contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin. 

My Suggested Moisturizer:

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I love this moisturizer because it is Aloe Vera based, which means it tends to be less irritating for skin.  I tend to use a moisturizer about 3- 5 times a week, I cannot over use it every single day because my skin tends to be sensitive.

Your skin’s soulmate armor

3. Night Treatment

My secret to gorgeous, glowy, skin in the morning its a hydrating face mask that also detoxifies!  I use a detox mask, about 2 to 3 times per week as it helps purge deep down where fingers and brushes cannot always reach!

My Weapon of Choice:

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Meet Whole Lava Love, this is an exfoliant, but it is so gentle I use this as a mask, I leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off, revealing, gorgeous soft skin! I suggest only using this 2 to 3 times I week, I like to use it on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday nights.

I got a whole lava love for you!

Keep that skin clean, well hydrated, and don’t forget to detox all winter long, and you will be well trained for harsh weather!

Bright Blessings!