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Trending Wedding Dresses Spring 2020

Three Bridal Week Fashion 2020 Trends

Spring is in the air!  OR should we say Weddings!   Whether you are newly engaged, or you have your wedding date to Spring 2020, here are three wedding dress styles you NEED to know about!

Flying Fancy

Image result for feather wedding dress

This classy wedding dress trend of 2020 will add a classy, yet elegant feel to your wedding dress.


Be Bold, Princess!

Related image

If you’re looking for a modern twist on ball gowns, consider adding in a bustle.  It creates a waterfall like appearance and turns up the volume on ball gowns.

Get It, Shorty!

Play the Party White Off-the-Shoulder Skater Dress

If you are trying to bust a move on the dance floor without actually busting your behind on the floor due to a heavy, and long gown, you are in luck!  Spring 2020 wedding dresses got a lot shorter, and you won’t have to worry about kissing the floor!

What wedding dress styles are you looking forward to?


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Work From Home Jobs

What No One Will Tell You!

I was like you, job hunting on Pinterest, and going crazy looking for work.  I applied to every job I could find on there and then some!  I came up empty-handed, frustrated and more stressed out than when I began!

Today I will tell you secrets you may not know and while you will not like them, I believe in being blunt and not just filling people’s heads with whimsical stories of mystical moms who work at home.

You Need a Self Hosted Blog/Website

If you’re at the beginning of your work at home journey then I suggest before you invest in a better phone, or anything else, you put away $50-$100 dollars and get your self a self-hosted domain such as “Dreamhost”, “Bluehost”, “Hostgator, and more! There are tons of these out there, just make sure the company you choose can fit in your budget and that they are a legit company.

What does self-hosting do?  For your work at home career think of it as the door to the first floor of your new life!  It opens doors by optimizing your website.  This means it speeds up the loading process on your website, it also helps with SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which term helps people to find your blog and what you write about by optimizing search results.

It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

If you take everything to heart, working from home may not be for you.  Why?  You need to stand your ground because I will tell you from experience, people will weasel their way into your life and business and they will low ball your services. You need to stand your ground and tell them” NO”.  I have no issues with this because I know and develop my abilities and my skills every day so I know that I sure as fuck, will not agree to write 1k words only to have someone pay me $10 dollars.  I mean for fuck’s sake I could suck dick and get paid more( not that I’m saying I would ever do that, but you get my point).


Another reason I am telling you this is because you will get rejected to about 99% of the jobs you apply to.  I’m not kidding!  I am told by wonderful clients and even had amazing reviews from my clients.  I have shown companies, and I still end up rejected

This is because of the countless tests you will have to go through before they even put you through to the next part of the interview, and most likely they won’t like your answers, or accept them.

So what do you do?  Get a backbone, and understand that this is a process and ritual.  Trust it and believe in yourself and the job meant for you will come along!  That being said, this is also why I strongly suggest pitching to companies over applying to jobs, they are MORE likely to hire you when you pitch to them.

Craft Your Skills A L W A Y S

Don’t just say you’re a writer and then have nothing to show for it.  You need to be frequently working on your blog, social media accounts, and reaching out to clients.   This also means you need to work on pitch letters, article samples, stories, and any other form of writing you have in mind!  You should write at least 1k words per day, if not more.

I also suggest going to “Udemy” and taking courses on there.  I am in the process of working on a transcription certification, a new 2019 marketing certification, and I am going to create a no bullshit course for the creatives who are not sure where to start.

Working at home is a wonderful thing, but you need to see the realistic side as well, I want you to understand it takes time, craft, and effort. Let’s be honest anything that is worth it in this world takes effort and time!

Amanda Martinotti

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Lack of Abundance Meaning

Manifesting abundance, love, and any other dream you can possibly think of is a must in every book, media outlet, and spiritual practice.  If you are manifesting and wondering why it’s not working out for you, this blog post may explain why.

Half-Assing Your Efforts

What no one will tell you with manifesting is that you need to make both subconscious and conscious efforts.  This means you need to do more than just “say” or “think” a mantra or abundance chant.  You need to actually FEEL it! What does that mean exactly? Well, this means you need to actually make an active effort to create the dreams you have.  Sitting on your ass and just thinking of the desired outcome is not enough.  You need to put serious effort and energy in making the desired outcome happen.  Let’s put it this way.  You’re making a sandwich in which the bread is your desired outcome, but you don’t know what you want to make it a great sandwich so you just throw whatever in the sandwich and sit down to eat,  You end up disappointed, malnourished, and still hungry!  IF you want to make your life an amazing sandwich, you need to make a plan, manifest your desire every day, and live like you are already achieving your desire.  If you aren’t willing to work to make that amazing sandwich of success then hunny,  get your ass out of the kitchen.

Toxic Desires Are Not Granted

I will tell you from experience, I wanted to get back together with a guy who had an arrest warrant, lousy attitude, and lack of responsibility.  I thought our connection was genuine and that he had changed his life while we stopped talking for a year.   In January of 2019, I was supposed to move in with him, a dear family member had been diagnosed with cancer, when I told him I was staying to help her, he basically told me “there’s the door”.  I am now more than ever, happy that it did not work out because I would have been either in a lot of trouble or even killed.  No one is worth ruining my life over.  I did everything in my power to manifest that relationship, I even left my retail job, left my relationship, and moved back home with my mother.  I took conscious action and subconscious action and it still did not work out.  To be honest I am glad it turned out the way it because I happen to find abundance and blessings right where I am!  My point here is if something doesn’t work out and you’re manifesting, and putting together mind, body, and spirit in conscious effort to manifest something and it doesn’t happen then something better will come. It means your desired outcome may not have served you well in the long run, and your guides are making a path to lead your something or someone better, trust the process.


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Why NOT to Dumpster Dive For Beauty Products

If you go on Youtube and you search “dumpster diving beauty products”, you will literally stumble across hundreds of videos.  While some have made thousands and in some cases even millions, you might want to reconsider your dreams of prosperity.

Credit: “Dumpster Haulics” Youtube channel (

But it Can Pay My Bills!

Wrong!  Did you know the act of going to public/corporate dumpsters such as the ones you see at “Ulta” and “Apple” for instance, are illegal?  If you get caught you run the risk of a seriously hefty fine, and from the sounds of the news they’re raising this fine again, and you can face up to five years of jail time?  Believe me, I highly recommend the entrepreneur life, but I will also tell you dumpster diving is not one of the ways I recommend.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can pay your bills and be an entrepreneur and they are legal.

Digging For Trash Isn’t Illegal( Right?)

Yes and no!  While trash is trash, essentially, you also need to look at dumpster diving in this light:

Imagine that you have just written a manuscript for a book you want to publish.  You decide to start over and you trash the first manuscript.  You take the trash to the and go back inside.  Someone finds your manuscript in the trash and sends it to a publisher and starts earning hundreds.  This act is illegal!  You may be able to dumpster dive, but you CANNOT RESELL for profit.  Trust me, it might be fun for a while but tell me are you willing to also face jail time as mentioned above?  Are you willing to be audited and possibly imprisoned in federal court by the IRS?  Consider also that any money you made you could potentially need to pay back the company, and yes they CAN sue you for reselling their product without their permission which is essentially what you are doing.

It Raises Health and Safety Issues

The reason that retail chains and stores throw their products away, while it may seem ridiculous, is because especially in the beauty world you need to think of health and safety.  Do you really want to wear an eyeshadow that has been sitting in the trash in the dump, along with urine, fecal, and other waste products?  No, I didn’t think so.

Another reason you need to take this into consideration is what if, you sold the person a foundation or even eye shadow and they end up with a skin rash from it.  Guess what sweet cheeks now you have an unhappy customer and a lawsuit.





Seven Reasons Maldives Will Be Your Summer Destination!


If you daydream of Maldives, and you think of exquisite meals, and delicious cocktails, you’re not wrong!  However there is a treasure chest in itself to explore in Maldives. Let’s get into seven reasons why I strongly suggest Maldives for your next vacation destination!

1.  Maldives’ Beaches Are Christmas in July!

If you love the sight of Christmas Lights, but you don’t love the cold weather, or snow, you need to visit the vibrantly, sparkling beaches of Mudhdhoo.  It is believed that, the reason behind the glistening lights at Mudhdhoo beaches, are due to phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is one of the many types of glowing sea organisms.  While the best time, to experience the brighter than a diamond beach lights, is the autumn months of September to November, it mainly depends on the moon and weather year round.

2.  Get an Upclose and Personal Education on the Underwater Ecosystem

If you are hungry for knowledge and are looking to feed your thirst, why not watch a Stingray feeding, while receiving a little course on the underwater ecosystem?

While it is not advised to try to swim with the stingrays, there are safe and educational places such as the Banyan Tree Vabinfaru.  Take note that the feedings take place at night. What you will also love is that these feedings are exclusive to the hotel. What’s more, is that these evening feedings take place off of the shallow beach waters in a jetty.  Did you also know that it is part of the only interactive marine lab in which is exclusive to Maldives and to the hotel!

3.  Eat Dinner With Fishes(Quite Literally)

While, the majestic islands of Maldives aren’t the world’s first underwater restaurant, the underwater restaurant is the world’s first to be made only of glass!  If you are a wine lover, you will also find it exciting that is is Maldive’s biggest wine cellar. If you desire gourmet food, you also are in luck,because Maldive has possibly, the largest gourmet European menu!

4.  Explore an Abandoned Ship and “Maldive’s Big Five”

For the scuba diver extraordinaire, you may want to look at exploring abandoned ships and the chance to experience Maldive’s big dive!  If you are a newbie at scuba diving, or are not a fan of the deep diving, you will be pleased to know that due to the shallower depths and coral construction, you can still enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean floors!  DId we mention you can experience seeing Maldive’s big five, which is dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, whale sharks, and eagle rays?

5.  Rent Your Own Island!

For newly weds, couples, or those looking for something a little more inclusive, you can rent your own island.  Looking to get away for a bit just by yourself? You can also rent the island for a smaller time frame like an hour!  Celebs like Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, and Steven Spielberg also have their own privately owned islands here!

6.  Hang With the Locals!

It is imperative that you remember that locals do not always live the glamorous life that one night believe in Maldives.  For one thing because it is an Islamic country, locals are enforced and expected to abide by extremely strict rules regarding alcohol, dress, and behavior.  Visit the local islands to learn more about the people and the cultures within Maldives. I also strongly suggest if you do visit the local islands, that you stop by the fish market!

7.  Light Up Your Night!

Another awesome reason to visit Maldives, is to experience their night time snorkeling experience!  I took one of my vacation days to sleep in, which left me awake all night. I decided to try something different ; snorkeling at night.  What was really awesome about this experience was that I got to wear this unique mask that had a UV light as well. It was amazing and beautiful.  Imagine seeing the glowing organisms like the phytoplankton I mentioned, but illuminated! It was like I had a black light! One spot I highly recommend for this experience is the Eriyadu Island Resort!  If you get a chance to visit Maldives you must try it!

It is no surprise that Maldives is an illuminous adventure to be had!  Whether you are on vacation in Maldives for the glamour and exquisite food, to explore your horizons, or to learn something new , Maldives in sure to have something for everyone!

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Cute Travel Essentials for Writers

Spring 2019 Edition

Hello lovely writers and readers!

Today I wanted to share with you my must-have essentials for the on the go, and travel writers!

Finitie 9.7 iPad Case Wireless Keyboard and Marble Case

I love, love, love this case it’s super cute, magnetic, and comes with a wireless keyboard which comes in handy when you are on the go and need to access your Google Doc files or write!  It also helps make it not so heavy, the laptop that I have, for example, is quite heavy compared to my iPad 9.7 so I much prefer that instead of lugging around a huge laptop.

Cute Passport Holder

Don’t lose your passport!  Keep it cute and contained in an adorable holder like the one above! It also comes with ideal compartments to keep your credit cards on lock! Did I mention it’s only $8.99 and amazon prime shipping is available for it?  

Small Electronic Organizer

Keep all your camera cords, batteries, stylus pens, and chargers in one place with this cute little carrier.  It comes in black, grey, blue, and yes pink!

Moon Cheese In Cheddar

Tasty snacks are a must when I am on the go!  One of my favorite treats is “Moon Cheese”.  These are dehydrated pieces of cheese which taste crunch and creamy as a stand-alone snack but they also add some crunch and “wahoo” to your salads too!

Apple iPad 9.7 2018

I love apple products, I always have.  I have not had the best luck with androids and they seem to crash quite frequently.  Anyway… I love, love, love this iPad 9.7 I can play games, call my friends on skype, listen to music, read, and work on the latest erotica project I have in mind!  I also love the affordability of this model $249.00 for an iPad is a steal in my opinion.  I also love that any app or photo I take is also linked from my iPhone to my iPad!

What cute travel must-haves are on your list?