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What No One Will Tell You!

I was like you, job hunting on Pinterest, and going crazy looking for work.  I applied to every job I could find on there and then some!  I came up empty-handed, frustrated and more stressed out than when I began!

Today I will tell you secrets you may not know and while you will not like them, I believe in being blunt and not just filling people’s heads with whimsical stories of mystical moms who work at home.

You Need a Self Hosted Blog/Website

If you’re at the beginning of your work at home journey then I suggest before you invest in a better phone, or anything else, you put away $50-$100 dollars and get your self a self-hosted domain such as “Dreamhost”, “Bluehost”, “Hostgator, and more! There are tons of these out there, just make sure the company you choose can fit in your budget and that they are a legit company.

What does self-hosting do?  For your work at home career think of it as the door to the first floor of your new life!  It opens doors by optimizing your website.  This means it speeds up the loading process on your website, it also helps with SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which term helps people to find your blog and what you write about by optimizing search results.

It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

If you take everything to heart, working from home may not be for you.  Why?  You need to stand your ground because I will tell you from experience, people will weasel their way into your life and business and they will low ball your services. You need to stand your ground and tell them” NO”.  I have no issues with this because I know and develop my abilities and my skills every day so I know that I sure as fuck, will not agree to write 1k words only to have someone pay me $10 dollars.  I mean for fuck’s sake I could suck dick and get paid more( not that I’m saying I would ever do that, but you get my point).


Another reason I am telling you this is because you will get rejected to about 99% of the jobs you apply to.  I’m not kidding!  I am told by wonderful clients and even had amazing reviews from my clients.  I have shown companies, and I still end up rejected

This is because of the countless tests you will have to go through before they even put you through to the next part of the interview, and most likely they won’t like your answers, or accept them.

So what do you do?  Get a backbone, and understand that this is a process and ritual.  Trust it and believe in yourself and the job meant for you will come along!  That being said, this is also why I strongly suggest pitching to companies over applying to jobs, they are MORE likely to hire you when you pitch to them.

Craft Your Skills A L W A Y S

Don’t just say you’re a writer and then have nothing to show for it.  You need to be frequently working on your blog, social media accounts, and reaching out to clients.   This also means you need to work on pitch letters, article samples, stories, and any other form of writing you have in mind!  You should write at least 1k words per day, if not more.

I also suggest going to “Udemy” and taking courses on there.  I am in the process of working on a transcription certification, a new 2019 marketing certification, and I am going to create a no bullshit course for the creatives who are not sure where to start.

Working at home is a wonderful thing, but you need to see the realistic side as well, I want you to understand it takes time, craft, and effort. Let’s be honest anything that is worth it in this world takes effort and time!

Amanda Martinotti