Don’t Make These Fistakes

Three Celeb Trainers Offer 3 Fitness Fixes

You’re committed to the gym.  You attended every Zumba workout and power through it.  Your inches aren’t shrinking and your weight is not moving.  Why?  It very well may not be a plateau but rather what you are doing.  Read on to see if you are doing any of these fitness no nos!

Noah Neiman, NYC

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Fitness Fallout: Not Eating Healthy Enough

Noah Neiman has worked with many celebs such as Amy Schumer.  He confesses the number one fallout everyone seems to have alike is their food consumption.  Noah confesses that he often hears that people “eat pretty healthy” which translates to most trainers as “I am embarrassed but I don’t want to sound bad so I will tell you I eat well most of the time”.

The Fix

Neiman suggests eating a lean diet of meats, veggies, and limited fruits.  He also suggests making meals simple as well.  Noah Neiman also suggests using the right supplements is good as well.



Erin Oprea, Nashville

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Fitness Fall Out: Losing Control of Your Body

Erin Oprea who has trained celebs such as Carrie Underwood and Kelsesea Ballerini, has confessed noticing many clients who lose control of their bodies during a workout.  This can be dangerous and can cause injury .  Always be in control of your body movements.

The Fix

Keep your engaged at all times can help you power through your workout and prevent most injuries.  If you feel yourself getting so fatigued that you are losing control of your body during a move this is when it’s okay to take that 30 second break and go back to the move.  Better safe than sorry!



Astrid Swan, Los Angeles


Fitness Fallout: Going Too Hard

Fitness Trainer, Astrid Swan, who has trained celebs such as Julianne Hough has seen clients go hard core through the workout for long periods of time and lack the proper food to support the body after a strenuous workout.

The Fix

Astrid suggests short HIIT workouts and proper food proportions which ensures the body the fuel to burn off the fat and the nutrition to prolong good health!



You can find more information from the original article here:

Do you make any of these fitness falters?



DIY Brush Cleaner

Hey Beauties!

I hope everyone is having a splendid January!!!   I wanted to talk to you all today about keep those brushes clean and how you can do it at home for cheap!

This is not something that I am claiming originality on but rather something I saw that worked for my brushes and  I wanted to share with you to help your brushes.

Please note you should be washing and disinfecting your brushes daily, especially when running your own make up artist biz.  If you cannot get to that I suggest at least 3 times per week and this does not take long at all so it is not time consuming.  Not only is it good for your clients but it also it good to not dirty up those precious pores!


  1. a Bowl or deep plate
  2. 1 cap full of olive oil
  3. a tablespoon or 2 of either a shampoo that is free of chemicals, Dawn Dish Soap.
  4. 1 c hot water


Mix cup of hot water, and then olive oil and finally shampoo or dish soap in the bowl or plate.   I do prefer this order because then my brushes smell good(yes weird I know).  Start with 1 brush at a time and gently swirl the bristles into the solution,  gently squeeze any water out of the brush but DO NOT WRING the brush or you may damage the bristles.  Then wipe brush off on clean paper towel until there is not more makeup residue coming off the brush.  Let the brush air dry.  Repeat with each brush.  Allow brushes to dry over night.

Full Face Forward!

January Kudos Review

Hey beauties!  Today I am sharing a snazzy deal this month at Younique.  We have our Full Face Forward kudos deal.

What the Heck is Kudos?

Every month Younique releases a new product or bundle, and it’s available the whole month.

This month we have our Full Face Forward Bundle(below)

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I love all the of the products in this bundle!  The mineral liquid is seriously liquid gold, and the lip stain is so cute and you can choose from many colors, and how can you beat that cute bag?

I did the math, the get the entire bundle you would need to spend 200 if you bought each one separately you get all 3 goodies for 89 dollars that seven cheaper than one trip to Sephora or Ulta!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

Brightest Blessings,

Amanda Martinotti

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