Your Pet’s Grain-Free Diet May Be Fatal

You Should Reconsider Feeding Your Pet a Grain Free Diet

It’s no surprise that with all of the holistic trends, changing your pet’s diet to a healthier alternative seems to be a great move.  However, did you know we could be killing our furry friends?

Technically, science has yet to prove that grain is causing havoc to our pet’s nutrition.

Researchers are now connecting Grain-free diets to a deadly heart condition called “DCM”.  DCM stands for “dilated cardiomyopathy”.  The heart condition was thought to only be connected to breeds like the mighty Doberman Pincher and fun-loving Boxer. However, research has found that is not the case.  DCM leads to potentially deadly conditions such as breathing issues, fainting, and also sudden heart failure.

Luckily, re-adding grains into your pet’s diet may help prevent serious issues from DCM.

If you are going to make any choices to altering your pet’s nutrition, please consult your Veterinarian first to find options, as well as how to switch their food.



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