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Lack of Abundance Meaning

Manifesting abundance, love, and any other dream you can possibly think of is a must in every book, media outlet, and spiritual practice.  If you are manifesting and wondering why it’s not working out for you, this blog post may explain why.

Half-Assing Your Efforts

What no one will tell you with manifesting is that you need to make both subconscious and conscious efforts.  This means you need to do more than just “say” or “think” a mantra or abundance chant.  You need to actually FEEL it! What does that mean exactly? Well, this means you need to actually make an active effort to create the dreams you have.  Sitting on your ass and just thinking of the desired outcome is not enough.  You need to put serious effort and energy in making the desired outcome happen.  Let’s put it this way.  You’re making a sandwich in which the bread is your desired outcome, but you don’t know what you want to make it a great sandwich so you just throw whatever in the sandwich and sit down to eat,  You end up disappointed, malnourished, and still hungry!  IF you want to make your life an amazing sandwich, you need to make a plan, manifest your desire every day, and live like you are already achieving your desire.  If you aren’t willing to work to make that amazing sandwich of success then hunny,  get your ass out of the kitchen.

Toxic Desires Are Not Granted

I will tell you from experience, I wanted to get back together with a guy who had an arrest warrant, lousy attitude, and lack of responsibility.  I thought our connection was genuine and that he had changed his life while we stopped talking for a year.   In January of 2019, I was supposed to move in with him, a dear family member had been diagnosed with cancer, when I told him I was staying to help her, he basically told me “there’s the door”.  I am now more than ever, happy that it did not work out because I would have been either in a lot of trouble or even killed.  No one is worth ruining my life over.  I did everything in my power to manifest that relationship, I even left my retail job, left my relationship, and moved back home with my mother.  I took conscious action and subconscious action and it still did not work out.  To be honest I am glad it turned out the way it because I happen to find abundance and blessings right where I am!  My point here is if something doesn’t work out and you’re manifesting, and putting together mind, body, and spirit in conscious effort to manifest something and it doesn’t happen then something better will come. It means your desired outcome may not have served you well in the long run, and your guides are making a path to lead your something or someone better, trust the process.



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