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Why NOT to Dumpster Dive For Beauty Products

If you go on Youtube and you search “dumpster diving beauty products”, you will literally stumble across hundreds of videos.  While some have made thousands and in some cases even millions, you might want to reconsider your dreams of prosperity.

Credit: “Dumpster Haulics” Youtube channel (

But it Can Pay My Bills!

Wrong!  Did you know the act of going to public/corporate dumpsters such as the ones you see at “Ulta” and “Apple” for instance, are illegal?  If you get caught you run the risk of a seriously hefty fine, and from the sounds of the news they’re raising this fine again, and you can face up to five years of jail time?  Believe me, I highly recommend the entrepreneur life, but I will also tell you dumpster diving is not one of the ways I recommend.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can pay your bills and be an entrepreneur and they are legal.

Digging For Trash Isn’t Illegal( Right?)

Yes and no!  While trash is trash, essentially, you also need to look at dumpster diving in this light:

Imagine that you have just written a manuscript for a book you want to publish.  You decide to start over and you trash the first manuscript.  You take the trash to the and go back inside.  Someone finds your manuscript in the trash and sends it to a publisher and starts earning hundreds.  This act is illegal!  You may be able to dumpster dive, but you CANNOT RESELL for profit.  Trust me, it might be fun for a while but tell me are you willing to also face jail time as mentioned above?  Are you willing to be audited and possibly imprisoned in federal court by the IRS?  Consider also that any money you made you could potentially need to pay back the company, and yes they CAN sue you for reselling their product without their permission which is essentially what you are doing.

It Raises Health and Safety Issues

The reason that retail chains and stores throw their products away, while it may seem ridiculous, is because especially in the beauty world you need to think of health and safety.  Do you really want to wear an eyeshadow that has been sitting in the trash in the dump, along with urine, fecal, and other waste products?  No, I didn’t think so.

Another reason you need to take this into consideration is what if, you sold the person a foundation or even eye shadow and they end up with a skin rash from it.  Guess what sweet cheeks now you have an unhappy customer and a lawsuit.





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