Seven Reasons Maldives Will Be Your Summer Destination!


If you daydream of Maldives, and you think of exquisite meals, and delicious cocktails, you’re not wrong!  However there is a treasure chest in itself to explore in Maldives. Let’s get into seven reasons why I strongly suggest Maldives for your next vacation destination!

1.  Maldives’ Beaches Are Christmas in July!

If you love the sight of Christmas Lights, but you don’t love the cold weather, or snow, you need to visit the vibrantly, sparkling beaches of Mudhdhoo.  It is believed that, the reason behind the glistening lights at Mudhdhoo beaches, are due to phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is one of the many types of glowing sea organisms.  While the best time, to experience the brighter than a diamond beach lights, is the autumn months of September to November, it mainly depends on the moon and weather year round.

2.  Get an Upclose and Personal Education on the Underwater Ecosystem

If you are hungry for knowledge and are looking to feed your thirst, why not watch a Stingray feeding, while receiving a little course on the underwater ecosystem?

While it is not advised to try to swim with the stingrays, there are safe and educational places such as the Banyan Tree Vabinfaru.  Take note that the feedings take place at night. What you will also love is that these feedings are exclusive to the hotel. What’s more, is that these evening feedings take place off of the shallow beach waters in a jetty.  Did you also know that it is part of the only interactive marine lab in which is exclusive to Maldives and to the hotel!

3.  Eat Dinner With Fishes(Quite Literally)

While, the majestic islands of Maldives aren’t the world’s first underwater restaurant, the underwater restaurant is the world’s first to be made only of glass!  If you are a wine lover, you will also find it exciting that is is Maldive’s biggest wine cellar. If you desire gourmet food, you also are in luck,because Maldive has possibly, the largest gourmet European menu!

4.  Explore an Abandoned Ship and “Maldive’s Big Five”

For the scuba diver extraordinaire, you may want to look at exploring abandoned ships and the chance to experience Maldive’s big dive!  If you are a newbie at scuba diving, or are not a fan of the deep diving, you will be pleased to know that due to the shallower depths and coral construction, you can still enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean floors!  DId we mention you can experience seeing Maldive’s big five, which is dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, whale sharks, and eagle rays?

5.  Rent Your Own Island!

For newly weds, couples, or those looking for something a little more inclusive, you can rent your own island.  Looking to get away for a bit just by yourself? You can also rent the island for a smaller time frame like an hour!  Celebs like Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, and Steven Spielberg also have their own privately owned islands here!

6.  Hang With the Locals!

It is imperative that you remember that locals do not always live the glamorous life that one night believe in Maldives.  For one thing because it is an Islamic country, locals are enforced and expected to abide by extremely strict rules regarding alcohol, dress, and behavior.  Visit the local islands to learn more about the people and the cultures within Maldives. I also strongly suggest if you do visit the local islands, that you stop by the fish market!

7.  Light Up Your Night!

Another awesome reason to visit Maldives, is to experience their night time snorkeling experience!  I took one of my vacation days to sleep in, which left me awake all night. I decided to try something different ; snorkeling at night.  What was really awesome about this experience was that I got to wear this unique mask that had a UV light as well. It was amazing and beautiful.  Imagine seeing the glowing organisms like the phytoplankton I mentioned, but illuminated! It was like I had a black light! One spot I highly recommend for this experience is the Eriyadu Island Resort!  If you get a chance to visit Maldives you must try it!

It is no surprise that Maldives is an illuminous adventure to be had!  Whether you are on vacation in Maldives for the glamour and exquisite food, to explore your horizons, or to learn something new , Maldives in sure to have something for everyone!


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