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Cute Travel Essentials for Writers

Spring 2019 Edition

Hello lovely writers and readers!

Today I wanted to share with you my must-have essentials for the on the go, and travel writers!

Finitie 9.7 iPad Case Wireless Keyboard and Marble Case

I love, love, love this case it’s super cute, magnetic, and comes with a wireless keyboard which comes in handy when you are on the go and need to access your Google Doc files or write!  It also helps make it not so heavy, the laptop that I have, for example, is quite heavy compared to my iPad 9.7 so I much prefer that instead of lugging around a huge laptop.

Cute Passport Holder

Don’t lose your passport!  Keep it cute and contained in an adorable holder like the one above! It also comes with ideal compartments to keep your credit cards on lock! Did I mention it’s only $8.99 and amazon prime shipping is available for it?  

Small Electronic Organizer

Keep all your camera cords, batteries, stylus pens, and chargers in one place with this cute little carrier.  It comes in black, grey, blue, and yes pink!

Moon Cheese In Cheddar

Tasty snacks are a must when I am on the go!  One of my favorite treats is “Moon Cheese”.  These are dehydrated pieces of cheese which taste crunch and creamy as a stand-alone snack but they also add some crunch and “wahoo” to your salads too!

Apple iPad 9.7 2018

I love apple products, I always have.  I have not had the best luck with androids and they seem to crash quite frequently.  Anyway… I love, love, love this iPad 9.7 I can play games, call my friends on skype, listen to music, read, and work on the latest erotica project I have in mind!  I also love the affordability of this model $249.00 for an iPad is a steal in my opinion.  I also love that any app or photo I take is also linked from my iPhone to my iPad!

What cute travel must-haves are on your list?


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