Adapted Rest

Guided Reading for the weekend of 11/25/17

This weekend is about adapting and moving on from problems the four of feathers reversed is a a calling to do exactly this in order to find the rest, and calm that our mind,soul,and bodies deserves. Whether you just moved,got a new career, or left a broken relationship, this weekend is about moving forward and healing!


Self Healing 

Guided Reading for 11/8/17

Today is all about becoming in tune with your guides and spirit guardians tap into meditation and see what knowledge they wish to teach you! Today is also a good day to cleanse your aura which can be done easily by salt bathing or even meditating or crystals! Have a blessed day!

Cautious Love 

Three Card Guided Reading for November 7th,2017

While you have over whelming and wild feelings for someone who is swimming away with your heart, you need to ask your guides and your heart if everything is on the table.  Before you jump the boat, make sure there isn’t a hidden  anchor of secrecy and deceit.  Lastly, open yourself to the love that gives to you freely and you can receive from freely.

Brightest Blessings,

Wild Witchy Beauty 

Protein A La Latte

Featuring Fit Miss Protein!

Hello beauties!  Happy Saturday!  Today I bring you a healthy way to get your morning cup of joe and no guilt!

Ice(add to your liking)

Fit Miss Protein in Chocolate 2 scoops

1 Tbsp Instant Coffee(I use Taster’s Choice)

1 heaping spoon full Peanut Butter(I use Skippy)

16 oz Coconut Milk(you can use milk or other nut milks)


Add all ingridients to blender, mix to your desired thickness and voila! A kicked up protein shake!

Weekend Randevou 

Three day weekend spread!

Three Day Weekend Reading for 11/3/17 to 11/6/17
This weekend will kick off with a fun visit and adventure with someone you are genuinely attracted to but bear in mind that you need to make sure they have great intentions. Lastly do not ever let anyone take away your power or your spirit!
Blessed Be,

Wild Witchy Beauty