Smartphone Drop and Give Me 20!

In this day and age, technology is ever evolving!  We use our smartphones for practically everything!  Did I mention all of these apps are free?

Please note that all of the apps I use are from Google Play and my LG Stylo 2.

Here are a few apps that have helped me get into a daily ritual in order to get healthy.

  1. Spark People Mobile App–  I love, love, love the Spark People Community and their app is amazing!  I can scan food items to instantly get calories and count them during the day when I am on the go, I also can get customized calorie amounts to help me lose weight!  The best part is I can access the forums and see comments or posts on anything that I write!  You can also keep track of how much water you drink!
  2. Alarm Clock- I don’t just use this app to set the time I need to wake up, but I also use it to remind me of the time I need to do something or plan out the day with alarms so I stay in track!
  3. To Do List-  You have probably heard of this one but it is one I do swear by.  I use this app to put my priorities in order so that I know what has to get done and when!  This is especially important when it comes to writing for companies and meeting with clients!
  4. iHeart Radio– I don’t like to over bomb my phone with a lot of music due to saving space for essential documents and such, so I use iHeart Radio to get some good jams going while walking or working out.

These are just three of my swear by apps!  What apps help you with your fitness goals?

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May your sweat be blessed and your clothes stay loose,

The Polka Dot Life


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