Preparing For Harsh Conditions

Train Your Skin For Winter(Combination Skin)!

Summer has moved away, and Fall has just found a new home elsewhere, which means Winter is moving in!  Prepare for total domination of Winter skin!

If you are anything like me, I have the worst of both worlds when it comes to my skin.  I am not only sensitive, and many store items cause me to burn,flake, or itch, but I also have the burden of acne prone skin(yikes!).  Luckily this article is for us, the difficult skin type, to finally  find vacation for our skin all winter long!

1. Cleanse 

The first crucial step, of any skin care routine, is to clean your skin of dirt and oils that may be trapped in your pores!  I personally suggest cleansing your skin the first thing when you wake up( your skin absorbs toxins while you sleep, eww!), as well as before bedtime.

IMPORTANT TIP: Be careful that your cleanser is not foamy, as foam cleanses tend to strip the skin of excess oils!  Instead, use a hydrating, creamy, cleanser as it tends to be more gentle on skin.

Suggestion: Best Face Forever by Perfectly Posh

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This cleanser is cruelty free, and for it’s price, it lasts you at least 6 months! You only use a pea size amount. While, I typically say avoid exfoliating scrubs, this one is made from Shea Butter micro beads, which also means this cleanser can help hydrate skin, and provide a creamy cleanser base!

BFF Face Wash

2. Moisturize

Step two, is to moisturize, as to helps to keep the skin hydrated, and retain it’s elasticity. .Skincare experts suggest using a richer, heavier, option instead of a lighter weight one that would be appropriate for Summer

IMPORTANT TIP:  When choosing your skin barrier, it is best to select something that contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin. 

My Suggested Moisturizer:

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I love this moisturizer because it is Aloe Vera based, which means it tends to be less irritating for skin.  I tend to use a moisturizer about 3- 5 times a week, I cannot over use it every single day because my skin tends to be sensitive.

Your skin’s soulmate armor

3. Night Treatment

My secret to gorgeous, glowy, skin in the morning its a hydrating face mask that also detoxifies!  I use a detox mask, about 2 to 3 times per week as it helps purge deep down where fingers and brushes cannot always reach!

My Weapon of Choice:

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Meet Whole Lava Love, this is an exfoliant, but it is so gentle I use this as a mask, I leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off, revealing, gorgeous soft skin! I suggest only using this 2 to 3 times I week, I like to use it on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday nights.

I got a whole lava love for you!

Keep that skin clean, well hydrated, and don’t forget to detox all winter long, and you will be well trained for harsh weather!

Bright Blessings!




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